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Our vision

ThinkNow Classroom is a live-discussion based online learning platform to cultivate critical thinking, cognitive skills, collaboration, research, and entrepreneurial mindset. 

Our 6-month course, with just 2 hours per week commitment, features meticulously crafted lesson plans centered around real-world scenarios which help students relate school learning with innovative product and research ideas as well as intriguing fictional scenarios which help expand their horizon of thinking.

Our unique selling proposition lies in the ‘Barrier-free Mind Model’, aimed at making school curriculum, technology, economics, and real-world problems exist seamlessly within a child’s mind, rather than compartmentalized. This model serves as the foundation for our lesson plans.

Our Team

Priya Kedia

M.Tech from IIT Bombay, 4 years ex. with TCS Innovation Lab

Abhishek Yadav

MS from University of Oklahoma, USA 5 years ex. with TCS Innovation Lab

Tushar Aggarwal

M.Tech from IIT Bombay, 5 years ex. with KLA Corporation in India, Taiwan and USA

Shaivya Jindal

M.Tech from ABES, 4 years ex. in teaching at Candid classes, Mumbai

Pushpendra Pandey

MBA - GLIM Chennai Innovation Consultant, TCS R&I

Anuja Agarwal

MBA from GL Bajaj, 6 years ex. in teaching at EasyScore Academy, Delhi

Testimonial from Professionals

We talked to many professionals who shared their views on skills required while working on real-life projects, skills which they wished they had learnt in school.

I was taught a lot of concepts in school but never understood how to use them to come up with a new product like FACEBOOK or UBER. We need more people who can apply what they learn, more people who can bring transformative products.

Management consultant, Google

“In real-life, we often find ourselves in situation where we need to be vision-setters or goal-setters and not task-doers. But we don’t develop skills required for it in our education system.

— Product Manager, TCS

“While working as a consultant after CA, you are supposed to have sound critical reasoning to make project plans. We don’t develop such skills in school. 

— Finance Consultant in Ernst & Young

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